Art Direction
Brand Identity
Website Design

Project Overview

The Daresbury development will be an integrated family of high-end homes located on the former grounds of Fendalton’s historic Daresbury house,  devised in conjunction with Patterson Architects and landscapers RMM. To help promote the project we were approached to create a transitional identity for the estate along with sales materials, advertising and a standalone website.

Cleared for development, we took inspiration from the few remaining features of the old estate, settling on the iconic gothic fence posts typical of the era as the basis for our logotype. As a foil to the history-steeped brand mark we selected a contemporary font and subtle grey colour palette to promote a feeling of serene, understated luxury — an interplay of past and present. As a tribute to the old estate, we also redrew the original architect’s sketch for Daresbury (of which only a poor quality facsimile remained) for inclusion in the brochure and as a gift to our client who is hoping to renovate the old house to its former glory.

Website: daresbury.co.nz
Website built by: kichin.co
Copy: Laura Griffiths
Photography: Nancy Zhou